This CSTF Directory lists all NHS Trusts in England and other healthcare providers which have submitted a Declaration of Alignment, confirming which of their Statutory/Mandatory in-house staff training programmes are aligned to the CSTF. By sharing this information, employer organisations can recognise where training delivered in other organisations is in compliance with the CSTF and thereby help to prevent unnecessary duplication of training as staff move between roles and organisations.

The Statutory/Mandatory CSTF is also available for any other organisation to access and some may choose to complete a self-assessment of alignment to the Statutory/Mandatory CSTF by completing the CSTF mapping tool. When such organisations have identified that their training aligns with the CSTF then they may describe their training provision as ‘aligned to the CSTF’ – as required by various staff agency procurement frameworks. However, commercial training organisations or staff agencies which have completed their own self-assessment or mapping are not permitted to state or imply any assurance or endorsement from Skills for Health and are not included on this directory.

Covid-19 and alignment to the CSTF

During the response to Covid-19, the requirement for NHS Trusts in England to update their alignment to the current CSTF (England) v1.0 is suspended until further notice.  In addition we are applying changes to our working pattern due to the COVID 19 outbreak and therefore the CSTF Verification service is also suspended until further notice.

Using the Directory

  1. To Search for an organisation by name – begin typing the name into the search box and the list will filter. To show all organisations again, click the X at the end of the search box.
  2. Click on the organisation name to find more details of the organisation’s alignment, including the actual refresher periods currently used.
  3. You can filter the list by Type of Provider, Location and Framework version. To remove the filter, click the X at the end of the filter.
  4. You can make multiple selections across any of the three filters.  E.g. to see all NHS Trusts in England, select NHS England Acute Trust + MH Trust + H&C Trust + Ambulance Trust.  To see which of these trusts are aligned to the latest or previous CSTF, select the framework version/s.
  5. In the top row of subject titles, click the grey box for one or more subjects to only see organisations aligned to that subject. Click again to show only organisations which are not aligned to that subject. Click again to show all.
  6. The second row (in black beneath the subject titles) shows the total number of subjects aligned in all organisations. This total is updated according to the filter/s selected.
  7. The final column on the right shows the total number of subjects aligned for each organisation. Click the arrows at the top of this column to sort by number of subjects aligned (ascending or descending). Click the bar between the two arrows to return to alphabetical sort.
  8. At the top right of the screen, click the printer icon to create and print a .pdf file of your current selection.

Inclusion on this Directory attests that the relevant training content provides opportunities for the CSTF learning outcomes to be covered. It does not attest to the quality, method or duration of training delivery.  If required, such additional quality assurance is offered by Skills for Health Quality Mark.

Further information on the CSTF:
For further information, including how to access CSTF documents and declare alignment, see the CSTF web page at:

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